8 Essential Books for the Documentary Filmmaker

Documentary films are one of the youngest art forms in the world. Digital technology, cheaper cameras, and online streaming have produced a “golden age” where they are reaching a larger audience than ever. Here are 8 books every documentary filmmaker (or aspiring documentary filmmaker) should have on their bookshelf.
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6 Essential Cinematography Tips in Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon

For those just getting into the oeuvre of Stanley Kubrick, Barry Lyndon can seem like the redheaded stepchild in his body of work. It lacks the groundbreaking psychedelic effects of 2001: A Space Odyssey, the sleek brutalist ultra violence of A Clockwork Orange, and the dread-inducing Grand Guignol soul horror of The Shining. In fact, on paper, Barry Lyndon kinda sounds like the cinematic equivalent of
homework: a three hour 18th century costume drama starring one of the most derided … Read the rest