Have a taste of La Dolce Vita in the most fashionable, and evolving, city in Italy.

Gallery: Fondazione Prada

Keen to explore the culture beyond the famous Duomo? Head to Fondazione Prada, an art exhibition and former distillery dating back to the 1910s, and a charming mismatch of pre-existing buildings and new structures. Don’t miss The Haunted House, a spooky collection housed in a golden four story-building.

Bar: Mag Café

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Paige Esterly, Playwright

Q: As a playwright, what do you think are some pertinent topics that should be addressed on Broadway that are relevant to society right now?

A: Hamilton plays with concepts of race and examines our perception of how we relate to each other on an ethnic level. Also, casting both characters and actors who have disabilities versus able-bodied actors to fill those roles. Another topic that should be probed is the “Me Too” movement which is something I’d like to
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