Chris Lavish, Fashion Personality

Which fashion lines do you mostly attire yourself in?
I mostly wear the clothes of designers I collaborate with. Models should only wear the clothing of designers they’re close with and have worked with.

How do you think aspiring designers can reach a wider audience?
I think fashion needs to be more personalized to fit the need of the individual. If there is more customization, then more people will feel included.

How would you classify individual style?
It’s very hard. …
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Berthold Jean-Charles Releases His New Single, “High End”

Photo credit: Yasma Alkoraishi
Makeup and styling: Kayleigh D’Anne

With looks to kill, fashion personality and socialite Berthold Jean-Charles has just released his hot new single “High End”. Everything about Berthold is an embodiment of “high end” fashion, so it’s no surprise he picked this title. As a stylist, he’s done shoots with Vogue Italia, Fiasco, Elle, Relapse, and others. His own personal style is a reflection of his immense sense of individuality and endless amounts

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Alana Sola, Fashion Designer

What would you say the “scene” look is right now? 

I think it is more eclectic and individualistic mixing different vibes all at once. That can be striped, that can be boho mixed in with also the sports scene. It could be being influenced fashion wise from where you’re traveling. 

Do you think fashion has evolved so that individuality is more accepted now?

Absolutely. Fashion is giving a voice to a new generation while at the same time borrowing from

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