Chris Lavish, Fashion Personality

Which fashion lines do you mostly attire yourself in?
I mostly wear the clothes of designers I collaborate with. Models should only wear the clothing of designers they’re close with and have worked with.

How do you think aspiring designers can reach a wider audience?
I think fashion needs to be more personalized to fit the need of the individual. If there is more customization, then more people will feel included.

How would you classify individual style?
It’s very hard. …
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Maeve Laveau, Artist

So coming from London how do you feel like the energy of NYC is different?

There’s a hunger here. To always be doing better, to always moving forward, to working on one hundred projects at once. It feels like everyone here is constantly “on it” and I respect that. This city is a hard place and you have to be tough to survive here and everyone is constantly aware of that. 
What inspires you in your performance art?
A: The
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Marta, Student

Being originally from Lithuania what are your thoughts about being a student in NYC?

I come from a city as well so it’s not a drastic change, but there’s something so unique about NYC. Every neighborhood is like entering a different world within itself. 

How do you feel like you’ve integrated yourself?

All the people who live here and the lives they live inspire me. You never know where you’re going to end up or who you’re going to meet. Read the rest

Evan Forman, Engineering Student

What’s a fad that you’ve noticed or are trying to keep up with?

I don’t really keep up with fads. I just try to follow whatever works for me.

What would you say you most admire in people?

Character and authenticity. Living for oneself as opposed to for other people. Following your own path regardless of what other people are doing and being self-motivated to do your own thing.

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Akeem Duncan, Poet and Publisher

As someone who’s made it in the industry what would you say is good advice for someone looking to get into the creative arts?

It takes patience and focus and absolutely a vision of where you see yourself.

What’s the biggest inspiration for you right now?

Continuing the legacy of the cultural landscape that is NYC and continuing to make my mark with people who are like-minded and equally creative.

How would you pinpoint the cultural landscape for yourself, what

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Marquis Maitland, Model

What are the biggest challenges about being in the modeling industry right now?

The way you take criticism can really make you feel either empowered or discouraged and usually it’s discouragement because there’s so much pressure to live up to such high standards of what society deems is “perfect”. I’ve been working on my walk and it’s been helping me sustain my self image more 

As a model, what are some trends you’ve noticed on the runway?
I’ve noticed a
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Gunnar Kortenbach, Artist

What kind of style are you most influenced by?

I have a very heavy vintage influence. My family is in the “antiques” so I’ve always been around cool old stuff.

What’s one cultural fad you can’t stop talking about?

I was really into Movie Pass a couple of weeks ago which is $10 a month and you get to see unlimited movies. Also, that weird audio recording was really cool the other day. It’s supposed to say Laurel but it Read the rest

Paige Esterly, Playwright

Q: As a playwright, what do you think are some pertinent topics that should be addressed on Broadway that are relevant to society right now?

A: Hamilton plays with concepts of race and examines our perception of how we relate to each other on an ethnic level. Also, casting both characters and actors who have disabilities versus able-bodied actors to fill those roles. Another topic that should be probed is the “Me Too” movement which is something I’d like to
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