Maeve Laveau, Artist

So coming from London how do you feel like the energy of NYC is different?

There’s a hunger here. To always be doing better, to always moving forward, to working on one hundred projects at once. It feels like everyone here is constantly “on it” and I respect that. This city is a hard place and you have to be tough to survive here and everyone is constantly aware of that. 
What inspires you in your performance art?
A: The
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Akeem Duncan, Poet and Publisher

As someone who’s made it in the industry what would you say is good advice for someone looking to get into the creative arts?

It takes patience and focus and absolutely a vision of where you see yourself.

What’s the biggest inspiration for you right now?

Continuing the legacy of the cultural landscape that is NYC and continuing to make my mark with people who are like-minded and equally creative.

How would you pinpoint the cultural landscape for yourself, what

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Gunnar Kortenbach, Artist

What kind of style are you most influenced by?

I have a very heavy vintage influence. My family is in the “antiques” so I’ve always been around cool old stuff.

What’s one cultural fad you can’t stop talking about?

I was really into Movie Pass a couple of weeks ago which is $10 a month and you get to see unlimited movies. Also, that weird audio recording was really cool the other day. It’s supposed to say Laurel but it Read the rest