10 Essential New Tracks from NY-Based Artists: Bellows, NOIA, and more

NOIA – “Ciudad Del Humo”

Barcelona native Gisela Fulla-Silvestre becomes everyone else in the new music video for “Ciudad Del Humo,” the new NOIA track which brilliantly showcases Gisela’s ability to decorate an experimental electronic landscape with pop sensibilities. Hear the new Crisàlida EP in its entirety on Bandcamp and other streaming media.

argonaut&wasp – “Composure”

If there’s one thing you can expect from argonaut&wasp, it’s fun and danceable tracks. “Composure” is no exception; its synth grooves are icy cool Read the rest

Barrie On Their New Album and Why They’re ‘Happy to Be Here’

When you listen to Barrie you may feel like you’re slow dancing at a lightly-lit dance in a Stranger Things episode. Or perhaps roaming the streets of Chinatown as a teenager. Hailing from different corners of the globe such as São Paulo via Berlin, Baltimore, London, Boston and upstate New York, Brooklyn was the special place for Barrie to create their musical magic. The daydream electric pop machine is comprised of Barrie Lindsay, Dominic Apa, Spurge Carter, Sabine Holler and Read the rest

10 Well-Rounded Rappers from 10 Cities: Ivy Sole, Cantrell, and more

Cantrell – “Keep Yappin”
Albany, GA → Los Angeles, CA

You can tell from the ominous bells in the first moments of “Keep Yappin” that Cantrell is not here to play. But when he starts to rap it’s clear that the Georgia native and LA transplant has much more than bravado. He’s a storyteller, a technical poet, and a hard worker. His lyrics immerse the listener in calm, understated confidence (“got a long way to go but I feel I …
Read the rest