5 Great MIDI Controllers for Beginner Beatmakers

Entering the world of MIDI-based music-making can be a bit intimidating. You have a lot of technology to catch up on, plus a million choices to make in terms of what gear and software you’ll use — and likely a limited budget. Here’s the important thing to remember: Music comes from the person who makes it, regardless of what physical or digital means they use to transmit it. Don’t worry about making the wrong choice when thinking about MIDI controllers … Read the rest


Welcome to the head and heart of Catalonia; here’s where we suggest you start.

Hotel: Hotel Brummell

A short distance from Montjuïc, in Poble Sec, sits this charming 20-room boutique hotel. Hotel Brummell is off the beaten track by design, and nestled within walking distance of mountains, city and sea. Sounds like a lot? Try hitting the pool, the sauna, or one of the free yoga classes for some down time.

Gallery: Joan Miro Foundation

For those who want to Read the rest