Octavia Yearwood and The Tranz Form

A new docuseries from artist, author, and motivational speaker Octavia Yearwood delves into the lives of trans people of colour. The first season of The Tranz Form: It’s More Than Physical follows the lives of three black trans women living in Miami: Brielle Roundtree, Elle Williams and Xaria James.

Over the last 15 years (aside from being an arts educator), Yearwood was the Director of Spinello Projects’ FREE! a non-commercial art fair staged during Art Basel Miami Beach 2019. She … Read the rest

Exclusive: Frontrunner x Donald Urquhart for the INDEPENDENT, NEW YORK 2019

For the Independent Art Fair New York 2019, Frontrunner Magazine and Donald Urquhart presented Rien, an exclusive zine that showcases new work and a Q&A at its center.

Urquhart is represented by pioneering London gallerist Maureen Paley.


"I loathe nostalgia,” begins Diana Vreeland’s memoir, ‘D.V.’ (1984), which is a banquet of choice delicacies from her remarkable life, and if she wears rose-tinted spectacles now and again you can bet they’re from Schiaparelli.


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6 Books By Pioneering LGBTQIA Artists

These 6 books are Frontrunner’s picks by artists from across the LGBTQIA spectrum; artists whose gender and sexual identities have informed their practices and shaped their contributions to the pantheon of visual culture.
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Natti Vogel: Captivating, Charming, Comedic

With a musical presence that captivates, the lyrics and musicality of pianist and singer Natti Vogel are unique, unmatchably creative and stylistically comedic. His music touches upon a cultural relevancy and new-age trends that are pertinent to his millennial peers. In his song We All Move to Brooklyn, through his lyrics he humorously poses the question “do you think that when we die our souls move to Brooklyn?” which reveals the prevalent gentrification of Brooklyn.

Natti VogelClothing by ...


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