There's a certain satisfaction in discovering an artist by mistake, in a gallery you were never meant to be at, in the first place. Stumbling through a miserable heat wave in Cologne, killing time before my departure, I decided to test my luck and walk in - unannounced - to one of the oldest, most venerated contemporary galleries in the world: Galerie Karsten Greve, founded in 1972.

Once inside, I found a room with a series of intricately-cut and coloured

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Special Guest Post: Curator Emily Colucci’s Idol Worship

Organized by guest curator Emily Colucci, the group exhibition Idol Worship at Smack Mellon in Brooklyn celebrates the ongoing cultural, social and political significance of role model adoration as an essential survival strategy. Self-identifying women, in particular, are often overlooked as figures to be emulated, exempt from the label of “genius” so readily bestowed upon men. Partially inspired by John Waters’s Role Models, a pseudo-autobiography through his influences or “filth elders,” t...

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