Your Instagram page is missing Stockholm’s chic style

Here’s how to fix that. We’ve rounded up the best places to shop, eat, relax and stay.

Svenskt Tenn


Stockholm plays host to some of the best stores showcasing Swedish minimalism.

If the multiple art galleries and museums haven’t satisfied your taste for Scandinavian design, take a walk to the design district of Ostermalm. Notable favourites are the interior design store Svenskt Tenn (Strandvägen 5) and furniture store Modernity (Sibyllegatan 6).

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Kenice Miller, Chef

Knowing you’re a dancer,  how would you say movement influences your style?
Regardless of what I’m wearing or where I’m going I always want to be able to move, especially because I’m a dancer and if I’m walking around the street you’re going to see me dancing. So I would say my style derives from comfortability but at the same time being chic and posh. So I could be wearing a jumpsuit with heels and as long as I can
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Abigail Sickinger, Kavista


Can you tell me exactly what you do with Kava?
Yes, so I serve Kava which is a plant medicine from the South Pacific islands. It’s calming on the central nervous system, it’s very grounding, it’s very heart-opening, and it’s part of my mission to help spread this medicine to the people so as a culture we can start moving away from alcohol and start moving into plant-based medicines.
Does using the Kava open up your chakra(s) in a way
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Esther Wolf, Painter

What inspires you as an artist? Your style, your colors, etc?
I’m very inspired by women’s issues, especially issues that I’ve faced including body focused repetitive behaviors relating to distorted body image. Basically a form of OCD and things that I’ve recovered from in my life.

How do you think you can help women have a bigger voice in the art world?
I think it just needs to be normalized for women to be successful artists.

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