New Music Playlist: 11 Fresh Tracks from Wildermiss, Bikini Trill, and more

Bikini Trill – “Lost Boy”

Bikini Trill has described their sound as somewhere between No Doubt and Riot Grrrl, with some Sublime in the mix as well–but all the while maintaining a very West Coast “surf pop” vibe. If that sounds like a mess of influences, it might be. But something about songs like “Lost Boy” just work. So relive your Peter Pan nostalgia and bask in the California dreamin’ while summer’s still here!

Elliot James – “Smooth”

Sonically, there Read the rest

Barrie On Their New Album and Why They’re ‘Happy to Be Here’

When you listen to Barrie you may feel like you’re slow dancing at a lightly-lit dance in a Stranger Things episode. Or perhaps roaming the streets of Chinatown as a teenager. Hailing from different corners of the globe such as São Paulo via Berlin, Baltimore, London, Boston and upstate New York, Brooklyn was the special place for Barrie to create their musical magic. The daydream electric pop machine is comprised of Barrie Lindsay, Dominic Apa, Spurge Carter, Sabine Holler and Read the rest