Nova Zef, Rapper

How do you feel like you can represent female rappers today?
I feel like I can show other female rappers that it is possible to have a voice in a male centered industry, and inspire other women to communicate their person stories as the feminine divine continues to rise.

What do you typically rap about?
A lot about mother earth and how to push the social norm of issues that are happening in order to overcome them in the most …
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Avina-Kei, Lawyer

How do you think we’ve evolved in our understanding and acceptance of “queer”?
Rather than an evolution, we’re realizing that there’s more of a spectrum and diversity to what it means to be queer. Before, it was like “oh, my gay best friend is going to take me shopping”. And now I think people are realizing that queer doesn’t fit into one stereotype.

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Chris Lavish, Fashion Personality

Which fashion lines do you mostly attire yourself in?
I mostly wear the clothes of designers I collaborate with. Models should only wear the clothing of designers they’re close with and have worked with.

How do you think aspiring designers can reach a wider audience?
I think fashion needs to be more personalized to fit the need of the individual. If there is more customization, then more people will feel included.

How would you classify individual style?
It’s very hard. …
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Berthold Jean-Charles Releases His New Single, “High End”

Photo credit: Yasma Alkoraishi
Makeup and styling: Kayleigh D’Anne

With looks to kill, fashion personality and socialite Berthold Jean-Charles has just released his hot new single “High End”. Everything about Berthold is an embodiment of “high end” fashion, so it’s no surprise he picked this title. As a stylist, he’s done shoots with Vogue Italia, Fiasco, Elle, Relapse, and others. His own personal style is a reflection of his immense sense of individuality and endless amounts

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Amber Edge, Make Up Artist

What are some of your favorite makeup brands and why?
I used to love NARS but not anymore because they’re no longer animal testing free anymore. 
Is that something you firmly believe in?
Yes. I try to stay animal cruelty free. I understand they have to sell to China and that’s their law and regulation but I feel like they’re losing a lot of clientele because of that.
What are some brands you use and like that are cruelty free?
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Shaolin, Designer

Growing up in the 60s, what are some things that have changed in the fashion world?
Everything is a lot more comfortable. But now I find that it’s hard to find that balance between what looks comfortable and what looks “schleppy”. A lot of people who could look cool look schleppy. 
Why do you think that is?
It’s either laziness or the suburbanization of New York. I personally detest trucker hats and backless loafers.
What are some innovations
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Maeve Laveau, Artist

So coming from London how do you feel like the energy of NYC is different?

There’s a hunger here. To always be doing better, to always moving forward, to working on one hundred projects at once. It feels like everyone here is constantly “on it” and I respect that. This city is a hard place and you have to be tough to survive here and everyone is constantly aware of that. 
What inspires you in your performance art?
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Nicolina Tyler, Artist

Performance art is the nouveau trend, why do you think this is?

Because it brings people together interactively in unusual ways and it makes people think in differently expanding their minds to understand different concepts.

What’s something you personally want to convey with your artwork?
I really want to bring people together, which is what the world needs more of. People don’t connect on that authentic level anymore, it’s more on social media now and it’s destroying our instinctual human
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Marta, Student

Being originally from Lithuania what are your thoughts about being a student in NYC?

I come from a city as well so it’s not a drastic change, but there’s something so unique about NYC. Every neighborhood is like entering a different world within itself. 

How do you feel like you’ve integrated yourself?

All the people who live here and the lives they live inspire me. You never know where you’re going to end up or who you’re going to meet. Read the rest