Frontrunner at Artissima 2018: The 25th Anniversary Fair

Artissima celebrates 25 years in Torino

The 25th edition of Artissima, the international contemporary art fair in Torino, was held from 1 to 4 November 2018 and was directed by Ilaria Bonacossa for the second time. The theme this year was 'Time Is On Our Side', about the art of the past and also the future with new creative languages. Each year, Artissima unites directors and curators from all over the world, where collecting, commissioning and collective research meet to

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Interview with 2nd Class Director Jimmy Olsson

The short film 2nd Class (or Second Class) tells the story of a young teacher, Charlotte, who learns the horrors of prejudice firsthand when she is attacked by a group of Neo-Nazis, whose leader is played by director Jimmy Olsson, himself. When she learns that one of her students is the son of the man who attacked her, she takes it upon herself to let love win the day. We interviewed Olsson to get a look at this special story.

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Interview with Filmmaker Peter Peake on Take Rabbit

Most of us have heard the classic riddle. A farmer needs to transport a fox, a rabbit, and a cabbage across a river, but only one at a time, and he can't leave either the fox and the rabbit behind, or the rabbit and the cabbage. Did you ever think that it could be adapted into film? Well, it has been and it's actually quite clever; looking at the individual lives of the three players, as well as the farmer,

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