The Art of Life and Death with Vern Rattapoom

Thai artist Rattapoom Piwpantamit (Vern) moved from a small village in Thailand to the city (Bangkok) to pursue his art career. He talks of heart-wrenching personal experiences that pushed him to explore primordial forms and themes of life and death in his series ‘Misgiving’, with Buddhist philosophy teachings informing his creative process along the way. His delicate and sensitive painting style is a true testament to his skills as a painter and artist. With multiple exhibitions in Bangkok under his … Read the rest

Painting and Poetry: A Lifestyle with Loralee Jade Newitt

Based in Australia, Loralee has cultivated a flowing synergy between her life and her art. She believes that to be an artist demands a lifestyle that feeds into her creation and vice versa.

I have come to understand Loralee's philosophy of art to be like a body of water: flowing from place to place, absorbing its surroundings and creating waves wherever its taken. Just like the ocean, Loralee's art is brimming with a self-contained energy that welcomes others; it is

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