Sonny: Staying True to the Moment

We all know that feeling when we’re watching someone talk about something they’re passionate about: their hobbies, hopes and dreams. Whether that’s someone close to you, or a stranger – it’s always enthralling to witness someone be completely immersed in their own world, even when it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, and especially if there’s no talking involved. Prompted by this sentiment, artist and photographer, Sonny, depicts these moments in his work.

As you scroll through Sonny’s web...

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El Cavo: For Arts’ Sake

'Are you an artist or a machine?'

Prolific artist, El Cavo, ends the interview with the above. A question that, among other things, grabs us by the shoulders and shakes us awake to the ever-present purpose of art.

El Cavo has the creative range of a jack-of-all-trades – his first steps into the art world were through graffiti and street art in the streets of Pittsburgh, where he grew up. Since then, he has evolved into a fully-fledged artist: painter,

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Special Guest Post: Curator Emily Colucci’s Idol Worship

Organized by guest curator Emily Colucci, the group exhibition Idol Worship at Smack Mellon in Brooklyn celebrates the ongoing cultural, social and political significance of role model adoration as an essential survival strategy. Self-identifying women, in particular, are often overlooked as figures to be emulated, exempt from the label of “genius” so readily bestowed upon men. Partially inspired by John Waters’s Role Models, a pseudo-autobiography through his influences or “filth elders,” t...

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