Ben Copperwheat: Color Chronicles and Idolized Icons

Father of innovation, ingenuity, and stylistic mastery, painter and designer Ben Copperwheat is a man of multiple dimensions, and it translates in his work. He uses a kaleidoscope of colors to expertly express the prominence of iconic figures that he depicts in his artwork, ranging from President Obama to Joan Rivers to Madonna. The brightness of the neons he uses as both artist and designer is indicative of his lavishly mesmerizing persona.


Liza Minnelli wears Stephen Burrows / Ben Copperwheat
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Shaolin, Designer

Growing up in the 60s, what are some things that have changed in the fashion world?
Everything is a lot more comfortable. But now I find that it’s hard to find that balance between what looks comfortable and what looks “schleppy”. A lot of people who could look cool look schleppy. 
Why do you think that is?
It’s either laziness or the suburbanization of New York. I personally detest trucker hats and backless loafers.
What are some innovations
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