Do What You Must: A Q&A With Ryan McCann

Ryan McCann has no other choice. “If anyone is consciously considering becoming an artist, I’d say, do anything else,” says McCann, with a combination of self-aware lightheartedness and actual frustration, “This is something I have to do.” McCann isn’t typical, even as atypical as artists go. Before taking up a full time art practice, the painter and photographer was a professional football player for the Cincinnati Bengals. While most actors wait tables to pay the bills, McCann acts to keep

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Bare With Me: Hernease Davis

Hernease Davis stretches herself and stories across photograms, cyanotypes, performance and craft to emphasize self-care through the artistic process. Her photograms and cyanotypes are created by relaxing on a grid of photo paper in the light or dark, imprinting the physical and psychological body.  She embeds her images with laborious hand-crocheting of improvised stitches on undeveloped paper in the dark, to then expose the encased photograms.  The stitch is taken further by arm-cro...

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Esther Wolf, Painter

What inspires you as an artist? Your style, your colors, etc?
I’m very inspired by women’s issues, especially issues that I’ve faced including body focused repetitive behaviors relating to distorted body image. Basically a form of OCD and things that I’ve recovered from in my life.

How do you think you can help women have a bigger voice in the art world?
I think it just needs to be normalized for women to be successful artists.

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6 Books By Pioneering LGBTQIA Artists

These 6 books are Frontrunner’s picks by artists from across the LGBTQIA spectrum; artists whose gender and sexual identities have informed their practices and shaped their contributions to the pantheon of visual culture.
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The Collector’s Bible: Introduction

Dear Readers,

Frontrunner bequeaths to you a single volume of knowledge and know-how: the kind that gallerists, auction house specialists, curators, museum directors, public relations interns, Instagram “influencers” (whoever they are?) and even established artists won’t tell you. True, there is no single gospel that will provide eternal salvation from the swirling pit of the contemporary art world. Why be saved anyway? Shouldn’t we love the art fair chaos, the fashion house-sponsored parties, the vacuum-sealed door to the upper 1% … Read the rest

In Pictures: Aziz + Cucher in London

Frieze Week in London is generally designed to do two things: attract celebrities to snap their Instagram photos in front of all manner of artworks (none of which their millions of followers will remember) and attract other artists to set up shop around the city in an effort to herd the outgoing traffic from Regent's Park in their general direction (there is some degree of success to this, in fact.) Anthony Aziz and Sammy Cucher met in 1990 at the

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