Vacationing in Stockholm with your teens

If you’re visiting Stockholm with teenagers (vacations with teenagers and their parents being notoriously smooth affairs), there are a number of options. Whether your kids are foodies, adventure seekers or art lovers, we reckon there’s something here for them.


The Snösätra Graffiti Wall of Fame is a good way to experience some contemporary art outside a gallery or museum. The Snösatra Graffiti Wall is one of Europe’s largest graffiti exhibitions.

For cinema buffs, the Bio Rio Cinema is a … Read the rest


Arguably the dominant force of the West Coast art scene, take a dive into what makes San Francisco such a draw.

Bookstore – City Lights Booksellers & Publishers

Specialising in world literature, arts and progressive politics, this Columbus Avenue institution remains fiercely independent. As well as boasting a considerable collection for visitors to browse, the nonprofit City Lights Booksellers & Publishers also publishes its own titles all about San Franciscan culture.

Live Venue – The Chapel

This converted ex-chapel is Read the rest

6 Essential Cinematography Tips in Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon

For those just getting into the oeuvre of Stanley Kubrick, Barry Lyndon can seem like the redheaded stepchild in his body of work. It lacks the groundbreaking psychedelic effects of 2001: A Space Odyssey, the sleek brutalist ultra violence of A Clockwork Orange, and the dread-inducing Grand Guignol soul horror of The Shining. In fact, on paper, Barry Lyndon kinda sounds like the cinematic equivalent of
homework: a three hour 18th century costume drama starring one of the most derided … Read the rest