Amber Edge, Make Up Artist

What are some of your favorite makeup brands and why?
I used to love NARS but not anymore because they’re no longer animal testing free anymore. 
Is that something you firmly believe in?
Yes. I try to stay animal cruelty free. I understand they have to sell to China and that’s their law and regulation but I feel like they’re losing a lot of clientele because of that.
What are some brands you use and like that are cruelty free?
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Marquis Maitland, Model

What are the biggest challenges about being in the modeling industry right now?

The way you take criticism can really make you feel either empowered or discouraged and usually it’s discouragement because there’s so much pressure to live up to such high standards of what society deems is “perfect”. I’ve been working on my walk and it’s been helping me sustain my self image more 

As a model, what are some trends you’ve noticed on the runway?
I’ve noticed a
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