Profile of the Week: DeAndre Tuck

DeAndre Tuck is an illustrator from Baltimore, Maryland. With a mind open to creative exploration, he strives to create work that leaves the interpreting up to the viewer.

How has your upbringing influenced you as an artist today?

As an artist from Baltimore, The Art District plays a heavy role in where I draw influence from. The exposure to various art forms from a young age has taught me that there is no “right” way to create, only discovery through … Read the rest

Octavia Yearwood and The Tranz Form

A new docuseries from artist, author, and motivational speaker Octavia Yearwood delves into the lives of trans people of colour. The first season of The Tranz Form: It’s More Than Physical follows the lives of three black trans women living in Miami: Brielle Roundtree, Elle Williams and Xaria James.

Over the last 15 years (aside from being an arts educator), Yearwood was the Director of Spinello Projects’ FREE! a non-commercial art fair staged during Art Basel Miami Beach 2019. She … Read the rest