Exclusive: Frontrunner x Donald Urquhart for the INDEPENDENT, NEW YORK 2019

For the Independent Art Fair New York 2019, Frontrunner Magazine and Donald Urquhart presented Rien, an exclusive zine that showcases new work and a Q&A at its center.

Urquhart is represented by pioneering London gallerist Maureen Paley.


"I loathe nostalgia,” begins Diana Vreeland’s memoir, ‘D.V.’ (1984), which is a banquet of choice delicacies from her remarkable life, and if she wears rose-tinted spectacles now and again you can bet they’re from Schiaparelli.


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Frontrunner at Artissima 2018: The 25th Anniversary Fair

Artissima celebrates 25 years in Torino

The 25th edition of Artissima, the international contemporary art fair in Torino, was held from 1 to 4 November 2018 and was directed by Ilaria Bonacossa for the second time. The theme this year was 'Time Is On Our Side', about the art of the past and also the future with new creative languages. Each year, Artissima unites directors and curators from all over the world, where collecting, commissioning and collective research meet to

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The Collector’s Bible: Introduction

Dear Readers,

Frontrunner bequeaths to you a single volume of knowledge and know-how: the kind that gallerists, auction house specialists, curators, museum directors, public relations interns, Instagram “influencers” (whoever they are?) and even established artists won’t tell you. True, there is no single gospel that will provide eternal salvation from the swirling pit of the contemporary art world. Why be saved anyway? Shouldn’t we love the art fair chaos, the fashion house-sponsored parties, the vacuum-sealed door to the upper 1% … Read the rest