Mark Carrasquillo, Makeup Artist

Is there anyone in particular who influences your style?

Michael Clark, he’s a dancer.

Are you also a dancer?

No, I wish.

What would you say you like about doing makeup?

I get to meet interesting people, it gives me a lot of freedom of expression. I was painting before that so now it’s like I have a live canvas, something that’s living to shape into a work of art.

How would you decipher your work as a painter versus your role as a makeup artist? Are there similarities as well?

Well, when you paint you’re by yourself a lot of the time, but as a makeup artist when I go to work there’s a lot of people who will influence what I can do or what I’m “allowed” to do.

Do you do runway shows?

I do sometimes, but mostly in the past.

Who’s your favorite person you’ve done makeup for?

I love Rhianna and I never will say no to her and I’ve worked with her in the past and it’s always a pleasure. Also, Marion Cotillard, I did a cover with Craig Mcdean once that I love and still love. 

IG: @markcarrasquillo

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