Jhenelle Hill, Hair and Makeup stylist

You’re a big fashionista…how would you classify your style?

Right now I’m sporting the equestrian, Ralph Lauren look. For the winter I love over-the-knee boots. They’re really warm and flatter my long legs. But at the same time the beret is more expressive of my individuality and edginess.

How do you feel like you combine the preppy with the more artsy look and do you think there is a trend going towards that?

My background is Jamaican, I was born there. We’re a British colony so there’s a lot of British UK influence. There’s that whole punk scene in the UK. Mixing a lot of plaids and berets and hats and layers. I’m an artist and free spirit but I do have my own business so I do have to be a little more business and corporate sometimes so I definitely feel like my look is a mix of both. 

How do you think you can mix professional with the more free spiritedness? 

So yes, I am wearing a blazer, but I do have this really fun red lip on and like a cat eye with winged eye-liner and that accomplishes it right there. So while my clothing are more corporate my makeup is more expressive. I use a lot of highlighter.

IG: @jhenellehill

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