Jessie Salinas, Artist

How as an artist does your style get inspired?
I’m pretty open-minded in terms of how I get inspired artistically, there’s a lot of diversity to my style and the way I express myself through my art. I’m young right now, so I’m thinking I can keep it grunge but, at the same time, as a working artist you need to be a little business-oriented. So, I try to also be clean and crisp at the same time, and that’s basically my art…a mix of grunge and business elegance.

What do you feel is your true artistic voice?
I try not to care too much and [to] just be free. A lot of inspiration comes when I’m relaxed and open-minded, letting the creativity flow with no limits. So my voice is just to be true to yourself and not to worry about what other people think.

Was there a time when you cared about what people thought?
Yes, absolutely. Acknowledging it is the first step. Being in middle school, being a kid and wanting to fit in is what everyone goes through. But then at some point you realize there’s no value in that and then you end up doing your own thing. What I love to do, which is my art, became most important to me.

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