How to Produce Music Like: Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus beats tend to sound the way Picasso paintings look: They’re alluring and fascinating, yet something seems a little “off” about them. They might be a distorted representation of something familiar — like the jazzy hip-hop cuts from his most recent record “You’re Dead” — or an abstract and highly unique creation all their own — like the thumpy, glitchy sounds of 2012’s “Until the Quiet Comes.”

No matter how you interpret Flying Lotus’ music, you can’t deny that he knows how to keep your head nodding throughout the onslaught of weirdness. The Los Angeles-based producer makes generous use of odd sound effects, crunchy textures, and meandering melodies, while always making sure the beat knocks and your attention stays fixed on every twist and turn.

Here are a few tips to bring a little Flying Lotus flavor to your tracks.

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