FRONTRUNNER Meets London-Based Graffiti Life

Success as an artist was, once upon a time, commonly defined as that moment when one’s work found a home for itself on the white walls of a gallery. Anything found outside those walls was labelled as little more than a scribble, defacement, or just outright vandalism. However, over time, this kind of art has evolved to become a more fluid concept, using mediums and styles once deemed too ragged for those with “finer” tastes. Today, rugged, cryptic, and mysterious are words that fit right into th...

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FRONTRUNNER spoke to Spanish artist Abel Azcona (Madrid, 1988) to talk – without inhibitory brakes or moral laws – about his life, his art, and his forthcoming projects. Azcona is a performer and uses the story of his intimate personal life to free himself from chains of the past that have marked him to this day.