Erika Hodges, Writer/Performance Artist

What do you write about?

Right now I’m writing about intimacy inside of capitalism and how we can transform that into new ways of living.

How would you define intimacy and our perception of it in terms of inclusion of race, sex and religious differences?

I think it gets really confusing because you see what’s on social media and the internet and you think that is what you’re supposed to conform to or that’s the “model” for what is right or what’s not right and I think my work is based on trying to “destroy” those boundaries, not having a right or wrong attached to how you choose to love or live your life.

How do you think social media is effecting the way we see intimacy?

I think it gives it a really “flat”, two-dimensional representation. I think there’s so many different things that are beautiful about intimacy including the pain and the hardship and the strife that if we figured out how to work through it as a community people could establish deeper and more meaningful relationships.

How would you describe intimacy in terms of your life?

I try to approach everything with a kind of vulnerability, even like staring at this work I’m thinking about how it’s affecting me and what it’s doing to me and my body.

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