Eric Fernandez, Armory Show Staff

How would you classify the general crowd of the Armory show this year?

It really depends on the day. The morning crowd is different than the afternoon crowd just because people are getting out of work. Today I think is people who genuinely want to enjoy the art and not only are here to just socialize over a glass of champagne.

Are you an artist yourself?


What kind of art?

I do abstract paintings and sculptures that are inspired by science and biology illustrations. 

Being at the art fair, who are some of your favorite artists you’ve seen so far?

I really love Patrick Jacobs who always shows in the Peroqui booth. 

Do you like working at the Armory show?

I love it. This is my 9th year in a row.

How did you get started doing it?

One of my friends who I met through the art handling industry told me I should come take some time off from work to do the show and I’ve loved it so much since the first one that I just come back every year.

IG: @picasso_actual

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