Dennis Carroll, Photographer and Painter

What do you photograph?

I go to a lot of state sales and flea markets and I take pictures of people’s stuff that they’ve been holding onto for years and years.

Why do you do that and why do you enjoy doing that?

Maybe there’s something to do with the need to document things as memorabilia. It’s a bit of hoarding myself, because I also like to collect things.  

What’s your painting style?

A little chaotic and cartoonish. 

And where do you buy your jewelry pieces?

I’ve actually been selling jewelry since I’ve been 8 years old. I make the jewelry. What I’m wearing is a combination of stuff…a little lady’s Rolex, and this one is from World War II, and this is Judas Priest, the heavy metal band, and this one is a cast of someone’s tooth.

IG: @dennisthelatinboy

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