10 Songs to Get You in the Groove for this Year’s Festival Season: Catfish and the Bottlemen, Loyle Carner, Fickle Friends and more

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown our worlds upside down, and the music industry in particular has felt its turbulence. After a year of no live music, the glimmering prospect on the horizon of festivals returning this summer could make it one to remember. From rock to hip-hop, here are the anthems to this summer’s highly anticipated festival season.

Catfish and the Bottlemen, Outside

It would be impossible to talk about UK festivals without mentioning Catfish and the Bottlemen. A crowd … Read the rest

Eight Songs to Uplift You, According to Action Bronson, Lucky Chops, Tayla Parx and More

It seems like every time we turn on the news, we’re getting closer and closer to the world ending. Fires, genocides, police brutality, war, famine, and of course the global pandemic we all know as COVID19. We’ve been cooped up in our homes, baking bread and watching TikToks to keep a sliver of sanity. If you’re like me, you’ve been leaning on music to get through these trying times. I spoke with a bunch of artists including Tayla Parx, Action … Read the rest

10 Songs You Might Miss This Festival Season: Yoshi Flower, Jelani Aryeh, Tep No and more

Dream Wife – “So When You Gonna…”

Dream Wife’s unapologetic lyrics and punk rock riffs make for perfect jumping-around-in-your-living-room music. The playfully explosive hook “So when you gonna kiss me” rings in almost immediately at the start of the song, setting the tone for their upcoming album release in July, making it their second album since the band’s inception. The band’s playful and pop-rock vibe is also reflected in “So When You Gonna…”’s music video, where we follow them around … Read the rest

New Music Playlist: 11 Fresh Tracks from Wildermiss, Bikini Trill, and more

Bikini Trill – “Lost Boy”

Bikini Trill has described their sound as somewhere between No Doubt and Riot Grrrl, with some Sublime in the mix as well–but all the while maintaining a very West Coast “surf pop” vibe. If that sounds like a mess of influences, it might be. But something about songs like “Lost Boy” just work. So relive your Peter Pan nostalgia and bask in the California dreamin’ while summer’s still here!

Elliot James – “Smooth”

Sonically, there Read the rest

10 Essential New Tracks from NY-Based Artists: Bellows, NOIA, and more

NOIA – “Ciudad Del Humo”

Barcelona native Gisela Fulla-Silvestre becomes everyone else in the new music video for “Ciudad Del Humo,” the new NOIA track which brilliantly showcases Gisela’s ability to decorate an experimental electronic landscape with pop sensibilities. Hear the new Crisàlida EP in its entirety on Bandcamp and other streaming media.

argonaut&wasp – “Composure”

If there’s one thing you can expect from argonaut&wasp, it’s fun and danceable tracks. “Composure” is no exception; its synth grooves are icy cool Read the rest

11 Upbeat Tracks To Welcome Early Spring: Crush Club, Your Smith, and more

Crush Club – “Trust”

New York’s Crush Club show what’s possible with a pristinely simple funk guitar lick and confident throwback harmonies. How do you get through the end of winter? Maybe “it’s about trust”–in this case, trusting that when you’re done dancing it will be warm outside. Be sure to check out their whole EP, Alive, which was released in November.

Jack Drag – “Little Lies”

John Dragonetti is best known as a founding member of The Submarines, … Read the rest

10 Well-Rounded Rappers from 10 Cities: Ivy Sole, Cantrell, and more

Cantrell – “Keep Yappin”
Albany, GA → Los Angeles, CA

You can tell from the ominous bells in the first moments of “Keep Yappin” that Cantrell is not here to play. But when he starts to rap it’s clear that the Georgia native and LA transplant has much more than bravado. He’s a storyteller, a technical poet, and a hard worker. His lyrics immerse the listener in calm, understated confidence (“got a long way to go but I feel I …
Read the rest

10 Rising NYC Artists: Prinze George, Crock Taylor, and more

Prinze George – “Airborne”

With a huge beat and confident, flying vocals, Prinze George’s “Airborne” feels like a long-anticipated burst of celebration, a perfect pat on the back for any time you have managed to transcend the haters, or a perfect vessel to get there if you need a lift. Also
check out the new music video to “Mind Over,” which came out last month.

Gabriel Royal – “Notice”

Gabriel Royal’s new album, Miss Once In A Blue Moon, was … Read the rest