Good Conversation(s) with Zein Gowie

This interview, much like Zein’s music, brims with a humble energy that comes hand in hand with being true to oneself.

Zein Gowie is a London-based singer and songwriter of Palestinian and Lebanese heritage. His debut EP, Good Intentions, was released earlier this year featuring four pop-R&B hybrid tracks. Each song harnesses the power of extremely relatable lyrics that mesh so seamlessly with its sounds – not to mention Zein’s smooth voice that glides atop every punchy, stylized or rhyth...

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Coming Up Next: Fickle Friends

Nobody likes fickle friends who are temperamental and inconstant, but it’s a different story when it comes to euphoric indie-pop band Fickle Friends. There’s nothing fickle about the British four-piece, with a Top Ten debut album, millions of streams and sold-out tours all over the globe, they have proven themselves to be consistent in their ability to dazzle an audience with their bold sound. Their latest series of Weird Years EPs is testament to their talent; they’ve returned with a

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New Vistas on the Horizon

Scotland boasts having one of the best music scenes in the world, and has been home to countless great rock bands like Franz Ferdinand and Biffy Clyro. Enter Vistas.
Bursting onto the indie rock scene in recent years, Vistas are certainly not letting that legacy down. Originally posting songs online for their friends to listen to has had a tumbleweed effect, with the group now racking up millions of streams and touring all around the UK. The energy that radiates

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