Finding Peace and Beauty with Farida Bustani

The seaside town resort of El Gouna, near Hurghada is a picturesque town built along the Red Sea shore. It has distinct architectural styles, adjoining canals and lagoons, and charming boutique stores and cafés. Resident in El Gouna is 23-year-old photographer Farida Bustani.

After studying Cinema and Theatre in Lyon, France, Farida turned to her longstanding passion of photography. Farida has always been mesmerised by her surroundings – at the age of 7, she would take her parents’ phones and … Read the rest

Jodie Niss On Inspiring Creativity During the Pandemic

Jodie Niss is an artist and esteemed art teacher based in Brooklyn, New York. She first started teaching in 2006, and has recently set up her own art school: Jodie Niss Studio.

During quarantine, Jodie found an opportunity in teaching art virtually, and in doing so paved the way for other art schools in NYC to adapt their teaching methods to the COVID climate. What started out as an idea to keep afloat during these trying times turned into a … Read the rest

The Art of Life and Death with Vern Rattapoom

Thai artist Rattapoom Piwpantamit (Vern) moved from a small village in Thailand to the city (Bangkok) to pursue his art career. He talks of heart-wrenching personal experiences that pushed him to explore primordial forms and themes of life and death in his series ‘Misgiving’, with Buddhist philosophy teachings informing his creative process along the way. His delicate and sensitive painting style is a true testament to his skills as a painter and artist. With multiple exhibitions in Bangkok under his … Read the rest

Profile of the Week: Carla Timoc

Romanian artist Carla Timoc, recently graduated from the University of Art and Design receiving a MA degree in Photography. Her work experiments with film format and instant photography. She now lives and works in Germany.

How has your upbringing influenced you as an artist today?

Well, my upbringing was in fact, all about art in general. My father was gone to Italy for work and I remember my mom telling me I still had the pacifier in my mouth when … Read the rest

YngSpc: A space nurturing the future of art

Imagine: an independent, online/offline platform for contemporary art that emphasizes artists early in their careers. Kate Mothes never imagined her blog would turn into a booming contemporary art community, but it did. Young Space (yngspc), run solely by Mothes, emphasizes new and exciting works within the contemporary art world. She recently has released Dovetail Magazine, an independent arts publication that positions contemporary visual art in dialogue with design, architecture, photography, travel, and global visual culture.

Kath Mothes, Founder of YngSpc
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Profile of the Week: Pocket of Lollipops

Miami based band, Pocket of Lollipops has been playing together for 11 years. Composed of Maite and Tony, the duo formed their band in high school and characterise their genre of music as ‘Posh Punk’. Their new album titled ‘Tiburon’ is releasing soon. Check out their socials to learn more about the band.

Where are you all from?

We are both based in Miami, FL but Maite is Basque and Tony is Italian.

How would you describe your music? What Read the rest

Profile of the Week: Wendy Fetzer Mazza

Artist and printmaker Wendy Fetzer Mazza’s resolute vision for her work and her methodical creative process set her apart as an artist. Wendy is based in Tampa where she goes on neighbourhood walks to collect inspiration for her printmaking series. There, Wendy has also set up a small artist collective for artists of all stages. She offers golden nuggets of advice for artists just starting out and gives us an insight into her creative journey.

Where are you from and Read the rest

Profile of the Week: Daria Ivanova

Possessing a myriad of creative outlets, French-Russian queer feminist artist Daria Ivanova explores trauma and sexuality with a focus on LGBTQ representation. Daria finds inspiration in the written word as well as other artists, and firmly believes in making art that serves you firstly before it serves others. We spoke with Daria about her art and her goals for the future.

Where are you from and when did you start your art practice?

I am a Frеnch-Russian artist, photographer and … Read the rest