Jodie Niss On Inspiring Creativity During the Pandemic

Jodie Niss is an artist and esteemed art teacher based in Brooklyn, New York. She first started teaching in 2006, and has recently set up her own art school: Jodie Niss Studio.

During quarantine, Jodie found an opportunity in teaching art virtually, and in doing so paved the way for other art schools in NYC to adapt their teaching methods to the COVID climate. What started out as an idea to keep afloat during these trying times turned into a

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Sonny: Staying True to the Moment

We all know that feeling when we’re watching someone talk about something they’re passionate about: their hobbies, hopes and dreams. Whether that’s someone close to you, or a stranger – it’s always enthralling to witness someone be completely immersed in their own world, even when it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, and especially if there’s no talking involved. Prompted by this sentiment, artist and photographer, Sonny, depicts these moments in his work.

As you scroll through Sonny’s web...

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Restoring Wonder in The World: An Interview with Daniel Soder

Daniel Soder is a photographer and sculptor based in Atlanta. Influenced by the light and space movement, Daniel’s artistry is both aesthetically and technically executed to ignite wonder, fascination and curiosity in the natural world.

Oftentimes a photo can be oversaturated with misplaced narratives and symbols. A photo can be polarizing and because the infrastructure of social media allows it, most of the time, it is. In this whirlpool of polarity, drama and constant pictorial stimulation...

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FRONTRUNNER Presents: Deborah Kass & Betty Tompkins

At one point or another within the last ten years, I've laughed, cried, gossiped and shared meals with Betty Tompkins (alongside her husband, Bill Mutter) and Deborah Kass (alongside her wife, Patricia Cronin). So it's fair to say that both of these women mean a great deal to me. They are not only world-renowned artists who have been cruelly under-represented and under-appreciated for most of their creative lives, but they are true mentors in every sense. Their experiences and their

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Tomas Nanne: The Viewfinder of Urban Stockholm

Tomas Nanne is in the art of uplifting the parts of the city that have become unnoticeable. The parts of the city we’ve forgotten what they looked like because after looking at them all the time, one day, we just stopped seeing them. Whether that’s the metro (tube or subway depending on where you’re from), or the Shell gas station you pass every day on the way to wherever you’re heading.

For many of us, these parts blend into one

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