Abigail Sickinger, Kavista


Can you tell me exactly what you do with Kava?
Yes, so I serve Kava which is a plant medicine from the South Pacific islands. It’s calming on the central nervous system, it’s very grounding, it’s very heart-opening, and it’s part of my mission to help spread this medicine to the people so as a culture we can start moving away from alcohol and start moving into plant-based medicines.
Does using the Kava open up your chakra(s) in a way that makes it easier to express yourself in what you wear?
Absolutely. It opens up all the energy in your body It helps you be completely unique in whatever you are, bringing to life that authenticity within.
Are orange and turquoise two significant colors for you?
I’ve actually hated orange my whole life and only recently started to step into this burnt orange color which I’ve been rocking lately. So yes I’m intentionally wearing orange because it’s also connected to the sacral chakra which is the second chakra which is about creation which is relevant to me because I’m all about creation.
Why are you all about creation?
Because we are here on earth to create, our own realities and our own destinies.
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