Aaron Paul: Interview with Pop Star and Style Maven

Styled by Montgomery Frazier “TheImageGuru” @theimageguru 
Photography by Luciana Pampalone @lucianapampalone, #lucianapampalonestudio

Aaron Paul is a brand, persona and influencer whose presence is intoxicating. A leading pop star, he performs throughout New York City with music that is marvellously sensational. British born, his talent was evident at a young age as he was hand-picked by American Idol judge Simon Cowell to be the lead singer of a popular boy band World’s Apart.

Aaron’s career evolved from there when he moved to New York and fused his love of art, music and fashion. His hit single FASHION recently came out with a music video that leaves audience members awe-struck. Crossing gender lines, in the video he wears a beautifully designed purple gown as he poses in front of monuments throughout Washington D.C, attesting to the continued need to promote LGBT rights, which he does successfully.

Aaron can be frequently seen at red carpet events, turning heads and getting snapped by admiring photographers. He also works as the Fashion Police for a variety of tabloid publications. His warm authenticity and positive demeanor make him evermore likable and iconic.

You have a powerful and phenomenal voice. How did you get started singing? 

I was around the age of 10 when I started singing. I was so inspired by Michael Jackson’s legendary music video Thriller when it had just appeared on British TV. Watching it ignited a spark in me to emulate him. I wanted to be a performer just like him and I built that vision for myself.

I was studying ballet and modern jazz at an arts school, so that was kind of my foundation in the arts and my mom was an administrator so she was very supportive. Singing was something I realized and felt was my true path especially being surrounded by so many of my family members who were singers and artists.

I would drive my family and neighbors crazy singing and rehearsing all day and night. I really wanted to perfect my craft and I knew from an early age that I would be a singer.

Aaron Paul is wearing the new Contro Corrente, “Calle” digital-art printed coordinated
pattern kimono, leggings, bucket hat & visor all designed by Alessandra Bergero, available on the SohoMuseMarketplace.

Tell me a little bit about your upbringing, where did you grow up and what was it like coming to the United States?

I grew up in England with a mix of two cultures due to the ethnic diversity of my parents. My mother is British and my dad is Jamaicain. The two worlds blended very naturally and my parents were very hard working to ensure that I got everything I desired so I had a fairly easy childhood and upbringing. They were also young when they had me so they were lighthearted and into everything me and my siblings were into so they were able to relate on our level.

I came to New York to pursue the next chapter of my career as a solo artist. I was in my mid 20s. I fell in love with the energy of the city. At that time I was in the transitional stage of leaving my boyband group ‘Worlds Apart’ which I was the original lead singer for four years. It was an opportunity for me to start anew since no one really knew of my fame and background in the UK. It’s been quite a journey and I definitely don’t regret coming here. I was able to establish myself and make a lot of contacts.

Where are some places you perform and where are some of your favorite places to perform? 

I’ve performed just about everywhere…from the garden shed to Wembley Arena. Clubs, festivals, expos. You name it and I’ve done it. In fact, I even performed at Carnegie Hall two years ago. I recently performed at a private house poolside for an Access Hamptons art event in the Hamptons. But I can perform on a haystack if I had too. I’ve actually done that too.

How would you classify your style? 

My style is a fusion of everything: color, art, nature, glam and futuristic fashion. I’m willing and unafraid to change, explore and evolve. I’m very comfortable with who I am at this point in my being. I have an affinity for creativity and beauty and I can shop mostly anywhere and find great things and make it work. I wear both women’s and men’s clothes and both fit and work for me. I love to be larger than life and create excitement in what I wear. I don’t care what anyone thinks, I just wear whatever I feel defines me.

How would you like to be perceived by others?  

I’d like people to see me as a good person who brings joy and positive energy into everything I’m doing or whomever I’m with. Throughout my work, social life and in my heart and mind, I always bring with me a positive mentality and attitude.  I refuse to be tied down by negativity and hatred or limitations. Our world is full of beauty and expressive creativity and I feel like people should be experimental with how they express themselves and who they associate with. You really don’t know until you try.

What is it like being in the NYC social scene? How did you get in it and do you like being in the spotlight?

I’m akin to being in the spotlight. It comes naturally to me. I’ve been a professional creative influencer and entertainer for most of my life. Since watching Michael Jackson in Thriller, it’s what I always wanted to do and I always knew that’s what I’d be doing because I had a vision.

It’s taking a risk though because it’s definitely a “here today, and gone tomorrow” path to be on, so in that way, it’s a little scary. However, I’m good about my public life and social life, I separate them.

I actually got into the NYC social life scene by one of my best friends, Luciana Pampalone who is a prominent NYC photographer. She’s an extraordinary talent. and knows everyone there is to know in NYC. We had met a club one random night and took a few photos together and then she invited me to shoot with her. I saw a lot of myself in her: confidence, sincerity and incredibly gifted without having an ego. After our first photoshoot we became lifetime collaborators and friends and she introduced me to everyone in the NYC art “scene”.

What do you miss most about the city since COVID?

I really miss the events. I remember how I would go to different events throughout the day meaning different outfit changes and traveling. But when Covid19 hit NYC hard everything was put on pause. I’ve been into the city a couple of times and it’s so bizarre to see NYC so barren of its pulse and it’s population. It’s so upsetting to see it in this light I used my time in quarantine to strengthen my skills and brand and learned how to video edit.

Tell me about some of the events you go to. What is it like being on the red carpet and do you enjoy it and why?

I absolutely love it. I love being photographed in an outfit of my creation that defies the norms of what is considered in “vogue” and pushing the boundaries with my looks. I actually work as a fashion police for several magazines so I love being the one under scrutiny.

What are your long term goals for yourself?

To continue to live and promote positivity and explore my creativity in any which way my heart desires. Also to be able to sustain and live with good health, heart and mind and to have some pocket change I’ve earned from my projects.

I also want to be in a film! A larger than life spectator character. Music and fashion is in my destiny and I have been very blessed on those platforms. Film is definitely next.

‘DANCE AMERICA #RiseUP’ will be available on iTunes and all digital music outlets October 2020.
Album:  Introducing, #IAM AaronPaul will be available on iTunes and all digital music outlets Spring 2021.

Still enjoying critical acclaim of their smash hit single released last summer titled ‘FASHION #itsFASHIONdahlings’ supported by it’s amazing music video directed by Fashion Photographer Bryan Griffin, Aaron and Montgomery are thrilled to share their latest collaboration with their legions of fans.

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