Anna Of The North: Nurturing Quiet Dreams into Something Beautiful

Sometimes the softest, quietest of dreams can transform into the most promising realities. And in an age where success is often measured by relentless comparison and tireless hustle, it can be refreshing to find a story of success that is built on lifting people up, maintaining a humble perspective, and treating yourself with care. Such a story can be found in the artistic journey of Norwegian-born singer-songwriter Anna Lotterud—better known by her stage name Anna of the North.

Anna was … Read the rest

Delving Deep with Peter Cat: The Saccharine Underground

Scottish musician and performer, Peter Cat debuts his LP, ‘The Saccharine Underground’ on the 6th of November. FRONTRUNNER was kindly given a listen of the LP in its entirety. The album – eclectically glam-rock and retro pop – has snowballed into completion with songs that date back to almost 5 years ago.

Vibing to Peter Cat’s music is as effortless as the harmony in his tracks. Sculpted out of a miscellany of musical and lyrical styles, Peter Cat has branded … Read the rest

Gimme Some Sugar: Alex G

Alexander Giannascoli is better known by his stage name, Alex G. His music is often characterized as indie rock with a lo-fi or “bedroom pop” aesthetic. He began by building up an audience with his label debut, DSU (2014), released on Orchid Tapes to critical acclaim. He later signed with Lucky Number, who reissued his earlier releases, Rules and Trick (2012). In 2015, he signed with Domino Recording Company and released his sixth studio album, Beach Music. He followed in 2017 with … Read the rest

Profile of the Week: Michael Wilson

Portland based musician, Michael Douglas Wilson created Dittomaster, an electroclash music project. His project aims to create music that is frenetic, energetic, danceable, raw, experimental and fun.

Can you describe yourself in one lyric from someone else’s song? “Soul radiation in the dead of night Love in the middle of a fire fight” -Iggy Pop

What is the first memory you have of being introduced to music? Why has it become such an important part of your life? The first … Read the rest